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Ai Kago Anarchy

The Ai Kago Fan Community

Aibon Anarchy!
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We are just a small fan community who loves Ai Kago from the group Morning Musume, MiniMoni, and W (Double You)


♪ No flaming of any kind! We want only nice people here~! :3
♪ If posting multiple images place them behind the LJ-Cut
♪ You may promote other communities just keep them related.
♪ Most importantly, have fun with this and be creative~! Suggestions and questions are welcome

The following is encouraged!

♪ Information and release dates
♪ Images -scans, screencaps, photos etc!
♪ Media, Video Clips, Music videos
♪ Icons, Wallpapers, fanart, Winamp Skins, cosplay,
♪ remixes, iTunes/iPod playlists, and your karaoke
♪ Just about anything else you can think of Nozomi related please feel free to share~ :3